AEM Dyno Shaft – DIY Dyno Test at Home for Your Car

AEM Dyno Shaft

After modifying our car, we tend to know what value of the horsepower if would give. The only for us to know about it, is to send it to dyno test at workshop that provides the dyno test.

Not anymore. AEM has make Dyno Shaft, which uses grade-strain gauges to measure horsepower and torque. AEM says that this setup reading is not impacted by variables by system using accelerometer setup. So, it means, this Dyno Shaft should be as good as the one you get from the traditional dyno reading.

This AEM Dyno Shaft kit is easy to install with the supplied slip-yolk and drive-shaft speed sensor. Data is transmitted via CAN-bus communication networks to a data logger or an AEM engine management system (is it possible to connect to USB for laptop?).

Price is at USD1,160.96 for cast-iron slip-yolk application. The higher strength chrome-moly are also available for higher horsepower application. This Dyno Shaft is specifically tuned for your application.

For modders, this is good news. You can monitor the horsepower and torque data at your garage.  

via: http://www.autoblog.com/2011/11/23/aem-lets-you-hook-up-your-car-to-a-dyno-at-home-with-dyno-shaft/

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