Volkswagen Tiguan shorlisted for Car of the Year Award

As many of you may already know, the new Tiguan was recently launched in Malaysia, you can find the full article here. Today’s news is once again related to the Tiguan, but this time, this particular VW is one of the three finalists which are in the running to win the “World Car of the Year” award.

The Tiguan is one the German automaker’s most important models currently in its portfolio. Launched in 2007, the name plate has gone on to represent a vehicle that is well regarded around the world. The latest generation Tiguan is available to purchase in 170 different markets and to this day, 3.5 million Tiguans have been sold.

VW has been able to give the Tiguan mild-mannered off-road capabilities while still retaining decent comfort levels and solid German build quality. And whether that’s enough to win the “World Car of the Year” in 2017 remains to be seen, but if you are interested to know more about the VW Tiguan, visit the manufacturer’s local website for further details.