2016 USSV Rhino GX is a dictator’s fortress on wheels

If you are a fan of theJay Leno’s garage show, then you would know that the former Tonight’s Show host features on his programme some of the most amazing vehicles that the automotive world has to offer. Regardless of age or power rating, over the years, some pretty interesting metal has rolled on to his show for their brief 15 minutes or in this case about 25 to 30 minutes of fame.

This time around, Jay features the 2016 USSV Rhino GX, an absolute tank of a vehicle that is based on the Ford Super-Duty F450. This behemoth has been modified to withstand small arms fire thanks to its bulletproof Armour plating. Despite the major changes to the bodywork, the engine and transmission have been mostly left relatively stock.

Despite what you might be thinking, the main market for the vehicles made by USSV (US Specialty Vehicles) is China. Apparently such vehicles are a hit in there because Chinese buyers are strangely drawn to American and American-built vehicles.

Besides the Rhino GX, a Rhino XT is also featured on the show. It’s a smaller armoured vehicle compared to its bigger brother and at first glance, looks like a mini Hummer. Based on the Jeep Wrangler, the Rhino XT has gained popularity around the world because it was featured in the latest installment of the Fast & Furious franchise – Fate of the Furious.

Check out the video for more information on the vehicles and find out what Jay thinks about them.