The love story between a man and his BMW E30 M3

There’s saying that “The bond between a man and his car can only be understood by those who have experienced it”. This is especially true in the case of Gabor Mester and his E30 M3. He first laid eyes on this particular car at a very young age. It belonged to the parents of a friend of his. Gabor would go out of his way to find opportunities to spend more time with it.

The E30 M3 is considered the greatest of all M3 cars, it had a light nimble chassis that was powered by a four-cylinder engine which BMW derived from racing for use on the road. It’s an amazing vehicle that no automaker can replicate again due to more stringent safety standards and emissions regulations. This is probably one of the reasons why owners like Gabor seem to cling to the E30 rather than buy a newer vehicle.

At the beginning, he made that family promise that, when it came time to sell the M3, they would give him the first preference. And they did, but to know the full story, check out this love story between Gabor and the true ultimate driving machine.

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