Story of a Corolla KE35 and the man who brought back its shine

True love can only be described by those who have experienced it. Such is the case with Romain Saraiva and his red 1976 Toyota Corolla KE35. His interest in cars ran in his family. On family road trips, Romain and his family would play car spotting games.

At a much younger age, Romain, who at the time was still in school, was looking to buy his first car. He wanted something different and with a soul. He stumbled upon a Toyota Corolla Coupe whole on vacation with his family in Portugal. Smitten by the car’s silhouette and uniqueness, when he got back to France, kept an eye out for a similar one. He eventually found one and acting on impulse, bought the car.

Blinded by his love for it, he didn’t realize that the car was in pretty bad shape. It’s previous owner, in an attempt to make a quick sale, made a hash of the repair work. As such, a lot of the work had to be done by Romain to get the car looking brand new again. Watch the video and let him tell you how his passion for his KE35 led him down this complicated path.