Steve McQueen racer that is almost lifelike

The advent of modern robotic systems have made our daily lives a whole lot easier. There’s the robotic vacuum that’s able to maneuver around your sofa set or dining table while vacuuming. It can even remember where it has or hasn’t been to ensure that every inch of the floor has been cleaned.

But the robotic piece we have today, is a whole different kettle of fish. It’s something only a 9-year-old would have thought about creating, which I suspect is how this product actually came about. Enter the life-like Steve McQueen racecar, based on the original character from Pixar’s ‘Cars’ franchise. Built by a company called Sphero, the car is able to voice and mimick phrases and actions from the various Cars movies. Yes, that’s right, it is able to move about just like Steve McQueen does.

Through the use of the phone App, the car can be driven as a regular RC car. It’s pretty fast and nimble, as expected but it’s something many wont bother trying out. That’s due to the immensely fascinating robotic movements the car is capable of executing. The windshield is made of an LCD screen that displays McQueen’s eyes in a rather life-like manner. The front grille, I mean the teeth, actually move as the car says various phrases from the movies.

Sphero are currently offering the Steve McQueen car on their website for $299.99 or RM1280.30, which is relatively affordable considering its abilities and the hours of fun-filled entertainment it is capable of providing.

It’s the kind of toy car that we dreamed of having as children but never could. check out the video and you will understand what we mean.

Sphero, in case you didn’t know, gained recognition around the world about two years ago, thanks to its miniaturized bluetooth controlled version of the BB-8 droid that was featured in the Star Wars Force Awakens movie. It operates and moves just like the cute spherical movie character we have all come to love. Take a look at the video below to understand its capablities.

The company also has a number of other products in the works which include a Spider Man type thing that has yet to be revealed. Check out their website for the extensive list of what they currently offer.