Polestar to reveal its own car to the world in Shanghai

Polestar will be revealing its first ever vehicle in Shanghai on the 17th of October. It will be the first vehicle that Polestar, as a separate entity from Volvo, has designed and built from the ground up as a standalone electric performance brand.

This comes after an announcement made by parent company of both Volvo and Polestar, Geely, regarding its intentions to spin-off Polestar into is own sub-brand that specializes in building performance EVs.

Though Volvo will eventually turn into an EV manufacturer too, it’s main area of focus will be on building mainstream vehicles that the general public need, basically – a Volvo. The logic of this move is still unclear, because Polestar’s symbiotic relationship with Volvo can be likened to that of Mercedes-Benz and AMG.

Polestar’s wealth of knowledge on track has been incorporated into Volvos to produce vehicles that not only safe, but can handle just as well as their German rivals. That said, a separate entity called Cyan Polestar Racing still exists in Motorsport. It is effectively the remnant of the resulting buyout of Polestar by Volvo in 2015.

As such, how well Polestar is able to do without Volvo remains to be seen but we hope cross-platform sharing continues to take place because we have just gotten used to the idea of Volvos that offer incredible level of safety while having the ability of going head to head with a BMW M5.