The Grand Tour Season 2 to air on 8th December 2017

The second season of the ever popular entertainment show involving cars, the Grand Tour will premier on December 8th 2017. This puts to rest rumors that suggested that due to several health related setbacks involving two of the show’s presenters, the show would have to be postponed.

According to an announcement on the Grand Tour’s Youtube page, the premiere date has been set in stone. And we can expect to see Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May take centre stage in their make-shift tent to provide us with all the foolhardy automotive related adventures before Christmas.

This is welcoming news considering that not too long ago, Jeremy Clarkson had to battle a severe bout of pneumonia, one that his doctor said almost killed him. He was admitted at a hospital in Spain where he was supposedly enjoying his vacation.

When this news broke, it cast further doubt on the 2017 release date of the second season, which already seemed shaky after Richard Hammond’s shunt. Clarkson’s co-host, lost control of a Rimac Concept car while filming, causing it to slide off the elevated track and barrel roll further down hill where it eventually caught on fire.

Hammond was immediately taken to hospital where he has had extensive surgery done correct the injury to his left leg. his recovery took awhile, but the youngest member of the trio managed to bounce back from his injury but thankfully, it occurred sooner rather than later.

We hope that the second season is just as enjoyable as the first. But judging from the trailer video however, it could be more action packed and enjoyable compared to the first. That said, we won’t know for sure until the 8th of December, so stay tuned.