The Grand Tour searches for The American’s replacement

Since the departure of the American, the trio of Clarkson, Hammond and May from The Grand Tour have had to scout around for a replacement. A series of short clips have been released on the show’s Youtube channel, depicting the ‘rigorous vetting’ process that drivers are put through to determine what they are made of.

Meant to be taken as a jovial introduction to the second season, which will air in early December, Clarkson and Hammond, each are given a say in the process. They decide to allow their respective candidate to demonstrate his/her capabilities. Surprisingly enough, Clarkson’s pick is none other than former F1 driver, Mark Webber.

Webber is given the opportunity to take a Porsche and Mercedes-Benz around The Grand Tour test track. Things go as planned in the Porsche but the clip takes a bizzare twist once the Australian-born F1 driver gets his hands on the Merc. We won’t ruin it for you, check out the video for the fully story.

Hammond’s pick is an actual stunt driver, and an experienced one for that matter. The youngest of the trio is adamant that moving forward, someone with a background in stunt driving would be better suited for the role on the show rather than a regular racing driver.

Check out all three videos and let us know your thoughts on the subject and who you suspect could be The American’s replacement in the upcoming season.