Mitsubishi UK lets you buy a car online

The advent of the smartphone and fast cellular data speeds have contributed to the popularity of online shopping. Unlike the old days, where one would need to travel to a brick and mortar store to browse through items, now its just a tap away. Online shopping stores have made it really easy too, with free shipping and delivery to your doorstep.

Most of what we need can be purchased online, with the exception of the automobile, or so we thought. A customer in the UK named Antony Deane has managed to purchase his Mitsubishi ASX through the automaker’s online purchasing portal. Called Mitsubishi Buy Online, it is designed to offer users better convenience and transparency.

The portal is linked with Mitsubishi Motors UK website, allowing customers to access the Mitsubishi showroom in the comfort of their own home. All current Mitsubishi models are included in the programme and online customers can enjoy the same rebates and offers that are offered in the brand’s dealerships.

This revolutionary service was developed in conjunction with leading online vehicle retailing specialist, Rockar. Adding to that, Mitsubishi also partnered with automotive auction specialist BCA, which will facilitate the trade-in services of customers’ current vehicles. Besides competitive part-exchange services, it can also predict future trade-in values.

Deane’s ASX was purchased in the same way. After browsing through Mitsubishi’s online showroom, he made his choice and opted to trade-in his current vehicle via the trade-in valuation facility. The entire process can be done on Mitsubishi Buy Online, which can be completed in a mere 20 minutes by following the step-by-step guide.

“Buying a new Mitsubishi is a very big thing for me, it’s the first new car I’ve bought in 25 years of driving and the whole experience was brilliant throughout. Other than uploading some documentation, I completed everything on my phone and if I had a question, the Mitsubishi Buy Online team were a fantastic help.”

“The experience has been so enjoyable that there’s a good chance we’ll use Mitsubishi Buy Online when we replace my partner’s car in the near future,” he added.

Expect to hear more of such services in the near future as automakers start to deal directly with customers rather than go through a ‘middle man’. Tesla has attempted a similar strategy in the US but with mixed results. Legislation in certain countries or states forbid manufacturers from directly engaging with customers, hopefully that will change soon.