Dodge Carryall is a WWII heavyweight

An unusual vehicle has managed to find it’s way into Jay Leno’s garage this Christmas. Purposefully built as a troop carrier in its previous life, this 1942 Dodge Carryall has been restored and modified to a level that will make it the envy of the restomod fraternity. It was part of Dodge’s light military vehicle line-up that included weapon carriers, mobile workshops and several other applications.

Built to support the allied efforts in World War II, more than 255,000 such vehicles were produced in the span of about 5 years. It’s not known how many of them are still on the road today, many have probably ended up in salvage yards or live on as parts of other similar vehicles.

In this episode of Jay Leno’s garage, the former Tonight’s Show host gives this custom creation a once over, and speaks with the owner about its history. Like other guests on the show, this particular Dodge has an important story to tell. Since it rolled off the production line, the Carryall has seen it’s fair share of action, and since its been given a life lane, that should continue for the foreseeable future.

Check out the latest video and let us know if the Dodge Carryall deserves to be celebrated for it’s place in history, and as one of the nicest restomoded vintage trucks that currently roam the public roads.