MICHELIN Showcases Its Range Of All-Terrain Tyres At Its First Off-Road Days Event

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MICHELIN Malaysia kicked-off 2018 with the MICHELIN OFF-ROAD DAYS event from 20 to 23 March to showcase MICHELIN’s range of SUV and 4 x 4 tyres, including its latest innovation in on- and off-road tyres – the MICHELIN LTX FORCE.

L-R: 1. Mr. Kuang Boon Keat, Customer Engineering Support, Michelin Malaysia 2. Mr. Pascal Nouvellon, Managing Director, Michelin Malaysia 3. Mr. Duy Pham, Marketing Manager, Michelin Malaysia 4. The Michelin Man, aka Bibendum, Michelin’s Mascot

The MICHELIN LTX FORCE features both on-road and off-road capabilities and toughness – from asphalt highways, concrete roads, to unpaved, gravel, sand, and wet mud path. The week-long event saw a diverse group of tyre and car enthusiasts test drive and experience first-hand the adaptability of the MICHELIN LTX FORCE tyres at on- and off-road terrains in the Sepang Circuit.

Consumers were able to experience the tyres’ full potential on various vehicles, including the Toyota Hilux and Toyota Fortuner, as well as witness on-site comparison against other tyres in the market. Themed “By Passion, By Necessity”, the event was aimed at the SUV and 4×4 market segment which is a growing market globally. The theme also addresses the need of today’s drivers who travel for work and leisure, from the daily worker to the avid adventurer.

In Malaysia, the SUV / 4×4 segment accounts for almost 12% of total Passenger Vehicles sold in 2017 – or 61,275 units – according to the Malaysian Automotive Association. Global Insights estimates that the SUV market is expected to grow at a rate of 9.7% by the year 2022, while the Malaysia Tire Forecast and Opportunity Report projects tyre sales to increase by 6.6% the same period.

MICHELIN Malaysia’s Managing Director, Mr. Pascal Nouvellon (above) revealed: “Over the past two years, the SUV tyre segment has outgrown the passenger car tyre segment globally; and will continue to do so for the next five years as more people are seeking safety and versatility in vehicles and would expect the same from their tyres. At MICHELIN, we strive to deliver tyre safety that people deserve – simply.”

The MICHELIN LTX FORCE’s on-road capabilities are enabled by CompacTread Technology, whereby reinforcement between tread blocks increases the contact area with the ground, for better braking and safety; BevelTread Technology, whereby a rounded sloping edge cuts the peaks of noise power at the frequency which is sensitive to human ears, thus providing a peaceful ride; and CushionGuard Technology, which absorbs road imperfections for a more comfortable drive.

Its off-road toughness is enabled by Extended Sidewall Biting Edge, which improves the sidewall’s cut-chip resistance; plus Deep and Open Shoulder Design for off-road traction. True to its tagline “Whatever The Terrain, One Tyre Handles It”, the MICHELIN LTX FORCE is the best option for drivers who seek the best driving experience on all types of roads.

“Off-road technologies behind the MICHELIN LTX FORCE are derived from the World Rally Championship (WRC), one of the world’s most demanding rallies – thus, providing another example of MICHELIN’s “From Track to Street” philosophy. At the same time, on-road technologies improve braking performance on both wet and dry roads, as well as increases durability. Through a series of tests held at the event, consumers could witness the MICHELIN LTX FORCE braking to an average distance of 2 meters shorter versus its competitors on-road, which is a crucial safety feature. Third party studies also revealed that the tyre delivers 35% more mileage” added Mr. Nouvellon.

With the MICHELIN LTX FORCE, customers can be ensured of safety and versatility with excellent on-road grip and great off-road traction, as well as of longevity and durability with better mileage and a tougher design.

MICHELIN LTX FORCE is available in a wide range of fitments – from 15 to 18 inches – at TYREPLUS car service outlets, MICHELIN EXPERT CENTRE and authorized dealers across the nation.

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