KLIMS Returns For 2018 After 5-Year Absence @ MITEC! [+Videos & Mega Photo Gallery!]

Following our previous report on KLIMS or the Kuala Lumpur International Motorshow, we attended the Press Day on 22nd November 2018, and right-off the bat, it’s safe to say that the new venue for KLIMS at the Malaysia International Trade & Exhibition Centre (MITEC) outside downtown KL is definitely a better location, not just in terms of accessibility, but also the floor space and allocated display area. But before we get into that, here’s the video of the official launch ceremony for KLIMS 2018!

Everything also seems a lot better organised this time around, especially in terms of handling the media and providing a proper set-up for us to work. There was free flow of food and drinks in the designated press room, although the room itself was a bit small, considering the number of media personnel who showed up to cover the launch and press day of KLIMS 2018. There was also no designated rest area; let’s not forget that all-in, it was at least a 10-hour day on our feet for many of us. Something to look into for the next one. Here’s our first walkabout video, which we took even before the official launch ceremony. Kudos to all the car brands who participated!

Unfortunately, while the venue itself was a lot better, manufacturer participation was definitely wanting, for apart from Peugeot, Citroen and DS Automobiles, there wasn’t a single other European carmaker in attendance. No Audi, BMW, Volvo or Mercedes-Benz. The latter was represented only thanks to Petronas who grafted what looked like an entire petrol station into KLIMS 2018, replete with a Kedai Mesra shop, while the only Supercars (apart from the Toyota FT-1 in the second video below of course) were what the peripheral pavilions brought in.

That being said, those who did participate put in a tremendous amount of effort to ensure their pavilions looked top notch! Seriously, many of them looked like they belonged in overseas motorshows like BIMS, GIIAS & TMS. Still, at least we were finally able to bring you this ‘live’ coverage of the new Proton X70 SUV, with no restrictions on photos this time. However, while fully expecting to finally learn the official price of the X70 at KLIMS, we were told that the price will be officially announced only on 12th December at the launch extravaganza…

Undoubtedly though, the star of KLIMS 2018 is the incredible Toyota FT-1, which is also known among fan-boys as the new Supra. It definitely deserved it’s own short video….

And in no particular order, here are more videos from KLIMS 2018! (KLIMS 2018 runs from today 23rd Nov to 2nd Dec 2018)

Video: Ford Malaysia put on a superb show for their new Mustang and much-anticipated Ranger Raptor, whose price was announced at RM199,888!

Video: The upstairs hall at KLIMS was dominated by a huge Petronas pavilion, with its own Kedai Mesra, as well as the Motorcycles section…

Video: Perodua unveils the X-Concept and teases a new SUV for 2019…

KLIMS 2018 Photo Gallery….