CLASSICS: CRT Community Charity Initiatives (CCI) & MY Classic Cars M’sia Feed The Hungry

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CRT Community Charity Initiatives’ latest monthly feeding programme in the Masjid India area of KL, was held on 2nd Feb 2019. This street feeding idea was mooted with the help of Rukshan Munesinghe, the Director of My Classic Cars, Malaysia as part of its quarterly feeding initiative to give back to the less fortunate with a sumptuous meal.

Christopher Ravin, Founder of CCI says, “One way of sharing our joy is helping those in need sincerely as nowadays less and less NGO’s are providing feeding to the homeless.” CRT Community Charity Initiatives Berhad (CCI), is privately run welfare foundation, which was set up in 2005 by Christopher Ravin and family, with the objective of carrying out charitable initiatives in Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand & India for the homeless and the needy.

Besides feeding initiatives they provide medical aid, education scholarships, build ashrams, animal welfare, regular feeding programs for Orang Asli and for Tamil school children, home rental aid for elderly folks, donations for various charitable organisations.

“We have been carrying out our initiatives quietly for 2 decades, initially we were financially supporting various charitable organisations, up till the point we realised their administrative fee was too high and only a very small portion was allocated for the needy. In addition we got deceived along the way, which was why CRT Community Charity Initiatives Berhad was formed to carry out our own initiatives.”CCI.

“The reason we invited the media is because we wanted to highlight that there has been a significant drop in feeding programmes by various NGO’s since June 2018 and our aim is to encourage those blessed with good fortune and the younger generation to extend aid to the needy. For further information please refer to” said Chris Ravin.

MY Classic Cars (MCC), is a club with members who are passionate about classic cars and is actively involved in organising prestigious classic car shows and offering classic cars for rental and the use as props in TV & Film productions. For further information on the MCC please refer to

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