MForce Bikes Launches All-Electric NIU Scooter

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Boasting a cruising range of approx. 80km, a top speed of 55kmh and a 3-hour charge time from zero, MForce Bike Holdings recently launched the all-new, all-electric, zero-emissions NIU scooter!

In terms of size, the NIU is quite small, and ideal for use around the suburban area for grocery runs and leisure rides, as well as daily-commuting, since the NIU is JPJ approved and road-legal to be used on public roads. The NIU uses BOSCH brake-energy regeneration technology and its battery is by Panasonic. It’s equipped with front and rear ABS as well.

A short ride around the launch area at Gurney Plaza (below) showed that the NIU is absolutely silent when it comes to propulsion, and gets to its top speed of 55kmh very quickly. There’s no lag at all, and with 3 riding modes in terms of power delivery the NIU accelerates very rapidly, and in total silence.

You can find out more about the NIU at the “NIU Concept Store” in Gurney Plaza Penang, which was officially opened on the same day as the launch. The NIU is priced at RM8,800 on the road.

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