Proton X70 owners taking “the road less travelled” – From Malaysia to China!

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A group of Proton X70 owners here in Malaysia has decided to go on a trip of a lifetime to China which involves no other mode of transportation apart from their Malaysia’s first premium SUV. Dubbed the Malaysia-China Amazing Trip organised by the Borneo Leisure Touring Team, participants of the amazing trip will be going a 13,000km adventure for 33 days across 4 countries; Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, and finally, China.

The first leg of the journey which already took place earlier covered a distance of 540km where the Proton X70 owners drove from Malaysia to Hatyai, Thailand. The journey which took only 12 hours had a few stops in between including a visit to the PROTON Juru Auto-City and dinner with the folks from PROTON Motors Thailand.

The Borneo Leisure Touring Team are posing for a group photo before departing for Chiang Khong

Day 2 went on without a hitch as the convoy made their way through the longest legs of the trip from Hatyai all the way to Hua Hin. The journey which covered a massive distance of 720km was long and challenging but cruising in the new Proton X70 made the experience much more pleasant than initially anticipated during long-distance driving.

Upon reaching Hua Hin filled with amazing street life, awe-inspiring relics and magnificent beaches, all participants thoroughly enjoyed themselves even after half a day’s journey in the Proton X70. Cruising roughly between 90-120km/h in a comfortable cabin equipped with all the bells and whistles including an air ionizer that kept everyone nice and fresh.

The Borneo Leisure Touring Team departs Hatyai as they prepare for the longest legs of their trip to Hua Hin

Day 3 saw the Proton X70 owners travelling from Hua Hin all the way to the Tak Province which was about 619km away. It was clearly no issues for both owners and vehicles as they go through the entire powerband produced by its 1.8-liter TGDI engine through many small yet scenic towns of Thailand.

The Proton X-70 Fleet reaches the border crossing at the Yunnan Province, China

Day 4 and 5 were probably two of the biggest challenges of the currently ongoing trip so far as the “road less travelled” has presented to them. It was also filled with many wonderful experiences in between Tak to Chiang Khong and Mengla before crossing over into China. They even made it to the infamous Magic Hill on Highway 105 were by the power of physics and gravity-defying landscape, the Proton X70 set in neutral seemed to roll uphill for about 10 meters!

Members of The Borneo Leisure Touring Team poses for a photo while taking a break from the road

A week has gone by and were pretty sure that there will be more to come from the participants of the Malaysia-China Amazing Trip. Where is the next stop of the Proton X70 convoy? Stay tuned to find out more!

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