BIKES: Harley-Davidson Now Officially Open In Juru Autocity, Penang!

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That’s right! Northern region HOGs can rejoice, for they now have a place to call home right in the middle of Juru Autocity, Penang, with the official opening of Harley-Davidson Penang!

But not only that, HDMP (Harley-Davidson Malaysia, Penang) also took the opportunity to announce the launch and introduction of 14 CKD models built in Bangkok, Thailand… one of them is the HD Fat Bob below…

Both the red and black bikes are identical models, but the former is made in Bangkok, while the latter is made in Milwaukee, USA. There is no telling them apart, both are identical in terms of specs, but the one made in Bangkok costs RM40,000 less. Yes, FORTY THOUSAND ringgit less than the one “Made in USA”.


HDMP is located at Juru Autocity, right next to the Ford showroom.

HDM Penang Official Opening Photo Gallery…

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