Updated Proton Iriz and Persona set to take the fight to Perodua!

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The Proton Iriz and the Persona have always only enjoyed some success in the Malaysian B-segment. Not a lot as the competition in that segment is intense and the Myvi really is king of the hill. But that much desired segment success that Proton has longed for could just be around the corner.

To achieve this, Proton has updated the Iriz and Persona for 2019, and both now offer first in-class technology features.

For starters, the cars now feature intelligent infotainment systems accessed via a 7-inch touchscreen function. What this means is that both the Iriz and Persona use an embedded eSim card that connects the car to the internet.

Through this system, the car offers applications for music streaming and online navigation. And through the eSim, the system will also receive Over The Air (OTA) updates with new apps added to the system when they become available.

It also has 16GB of internal memory and features a mirroring function for Android smart phones.

And for those who were impressed with the voice recognition which made its debut in the X70, the Iriz and the Persona too offer the same voice recognition app with the now famous catchphrase ‘Hi Proton’!

An updated car usually features aesthetic updates as well, and both the Iriz and the Persona too feature an extensive exterior redesign.

The Proton ‘Ethereal Bow’ grille design which debuted on the X70 now sets the new Iriz apart from the old. And this is completed by a new set of front and rear bumpers, a black rear garnish, new rims, as well as a shark fin antenna.

As for the Persona, Proton says it has been restyled more conservatively but also features the Ethereal Bow as well as the Infinite Weave pattern which is now a styling trademark for Proton.

The restyled Persona is topped off by a new boot spoiler, updated bumpers and new rims.

The prices of both cars have also been revised with prices for the Iriz starting from RM36,700 for the standard 1.3 up to RM50,700 for the top of the line 1.6 CVT.

The Persona on the other hand is priced at RM42,600 for the standard 1.6 manual, and up to RM54,600 for the 1.6 CVT. These prices are for Peninsular Malaysia, our readers from East Malaysia will have to pay RM2,000 more across the board and can refer to the price table below.

But it doesn’t just end there. Proton is spicing up the package even further and gives you an even better reason to buy these two cars.

Proton is offering:

1. Free two-year road tax for cars booked prior to the launch date
2. Free two-year road tax for the first 1,000 units registered
3. Free 5-year internet data with 12GB/year
4. Interest rates starting from just 2.93%
5. Free labour for 3 scheduled service appointments up until 20,000km
6. Insurance coverage package which the table below simplifies for you.

With these updates, especially with the new intelligent infotainment system, Proton is set to continue its march to the top of the market.

The company has enjoyed huge success with the X70 garnering a very healthy 25,000 bookings with 11,000 units delivered.

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