Hyundai develops new Intelligent Air Purification System

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Hyundai Motor Group has just announced their latest development for their vehicle’s interior air quality. The Intelligent Air Purification System or ‘Smart Air Purification System’ is an innovative in-car filter that works automatically to provide ‘excellent’ air quality using advanced technology.

Using their latest filtration technology, this new system is able to remove around 99% of fine particulates even before passengers enter the vehicle and throughout the journey. The results have been so positive that the system might make its way to all future Hyundai and Kia models to promote better health in highly congested urban areas.

The Smart Air Purification System is also very energy efficient as it only turns on when the level drops from ‘Excellent’ to ‘Fair’. It then maintains the cleaning process using laser-based sensors until the air quality improves to an ‘Excellent’ level. Even if the exterior air quality is at ‘Poor’ level, the system can purify air inside to ‘Excellent’ quality in almost instantaneously.

Occupants of the vehicle will be able to monitor the air quality levels using the car’s audio-video navigation (AVN) screen, with a visual 16-bar digital display of air quality that fluctuates in real-time based on the Korea Environmental Corporation Standards.

According to YongSuk Shin, head of FR Interior & Exterior System Engineering Design Team, “Enabling our customers to breathe the cleanest air, even in highly polluted areas, is a demonstration of how Hyundai Motor Group strives to care for its customers. This innovation is just one of many projects we are working on to provide our customers with the best in-car environments.”

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