TRD carbon aero kit & 19-inch wheels for A90 Toyota GR Supra introduced

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During the recent “The Supra is back to Japan Fes” gathering, the folks from TRD took the opportunity to launch some funky parts for the latest A90 Toyota GR Supra. They previously promised to the fans that they’ll be launching several carbon aero body kits and a stunning set of 19-inch wheels and, boy oh boy, they did not disappoint.

Displayed on the new A90 Toyota GR Supra itself, the body kit comes with a GR front spoiler, GR side skirt, GR side door garnish, GR rear side spoiler, GR trunk spoiler, and finally, the GR 19-inch aluminium wheels.

These TRD parts are not just for show and tell, ladies and gents. TRD stated that besides enhancing the Supra’s overall look into a more aggressive beast, the aero pieces will deliver better downforce, suppress air turbulence, and increase overall stability of the vehicle.

Those 19-inch aluminium wheels also add a couple of extra advantages for the driver. By adopting analysis by TRD and forging method, it achieves both fine mesh spoke design and strong rigidity. This improves steering response and top speed stability while eliminating the unpleasant noise during braking.

There is some bad news. These lovely TRD parts are only currently available in Japan so if you want to get your hands on them, you need to find some folks who can import them directly to your doorstep. A bit of hassle but never impossible for you dedicated Supra fans, right?

Price are set between 40,000 – 640,000 Yen (RM1,515 to RM24,251). That’s RM1500 for a wheel lock bolt and RM24,000 for a complete set of those tasty 19-inch aluminium wheels.

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