Hyundai offers special ‘N Homecoming’ at Nürburgring 24 Hours

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300 lucky motoring enthusiasts will be receiving invites for a very special ‘N Homecoming’ hospitality experience at the 2019 Nürburgring 24 Hours Race. The sad news is that the invites will only be from countries that sell N vehicles where Malaysia is not a part of…yet.

If you happen to be from one of the countries that do offer Hyundai N models and even luckier enough to receive the said invite, you’ll be heading to the infamous “Green Hell” iconic circuit to enjoy driving academy, helicopter tour, and of course, a display of Hyundai N models.

Why Nürburgring? Well, the N brand (which stands for Namyang, Hyundai’s R&D facility in Korea) was born and bred at thanks to legendary track and what better way to celebrate their participation since 2016 then a hosting a series of special events under the banner ‘N Homecoming’.

Nürburgring also happens to be the home to the 3,600-square-meter Hyundai Motor European Test Centre, where Hyundai N models are developed and tested.

What will visitors get from this amazing Hyundai-Nürburgring experience?

  • Hyundai N fan truck
  • Promotional booth @ Ring Boulevard
  • Special model displays (Hyundai i20 WRC rally car, the i30 N TCR and the i30 Fastback N)
  • N Corso lap around Nürburgring (only for 55 lucky folks)
  • Special pit box & helicopter tours (for special guests only)

According to Mr. Thomas Schemera, Executive Vice President and Head of Product Division, Product Operation & N Sub-Division at Hyundai Motor Group, “We’re delighted to offer our customers the chance to experience ‘N Homecoming’, a unique once-in-a-lifetime hospitality at this year’s Nürburgring 24 Hours race. This event is one of the highlights of the Hyundai motorsport calendar and made all the more special by the fact that the N brand was born and honed here. This event will serve as a celebration of the Hyundai N brand.”

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