TRAPO Mark II car mat launched – Now with Bactekiller Technology

TRAPO Asia has launched their latest customized car mat solution called the TRAPO Mark II. The latest addition to their ever-growing range of products aims to provide an elevated driving experience where it can be tailor fit and customized for any car models here in the country.

The all new TRAPO Mark II car mat now comes with Bactekiller technology which helps to eliminate 99% of bacteria on the car mat surface. Formulated by Fuji Chemical Industries Co Ltd, it helps to provide a cleaner and more hygienic driving cabin for all users.

This works by preventing the bacteria from reproducing thanks to treated surface of the TRAPO Mark II car mat. With a bit of time, the bacteria in contact with its surface will die and this is what makes it special compared to other car mat products in the market to date.

According to Tzong Lee, co-founder of TRAPO Asia, “We are proud to achieve another milestone for TRAPO Asia today and we are confident in terms of achieving a double-digit growth by year-end. TRAPO was created to be the car mat solution for every driver and we will continue to innovate and introduce new products in the near future to provide a wider range of options to fit the customers’ driving needs. With TRAPO Mark II, we are aiming to provide an all new perspective for Malaysian in terms of hygiene and looking for a 5% growth in the market share.”

TRAPO Asia also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Fuji Chemical Industries to be the sole car mat manufacturer that uses their Japanese technology here in Malaysia. “We are proud to be the only authorised car mat manufacturer to work with the leading pharmaceutical manufacturer which has over 65 years of heritage. With the partnership, TRAPO Asia can now produce a state-of-the-art car mat, TRAPO Mark II to provide a safe and cleaner options for all drivers.”

For more information, head over to www.trapo.asia/my.

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