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The Volkswagen Passat has been in the market for quite some time now and there are quite a number of them on Malaysian roads today. Currently on offer as their top-of-the-line premium sedan by Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia (VPCM), we decided to take it out for a spin again just to see whether if it’s still a relevant car to drive in 2019.

The current model on offer was actually launched some time back and the one we got was the range-topping 2.0TSI Highline. So, what do you get when you pay RM195,390 (OTR price excluding insurance)? Apparently, more than you think. With that being said, here are the five top things we like about the Volkswagen Passat.

Impressive Design

The more we look at the current Volkswagen range, the more we feel that it offers something more than just good looks. Some folks have labelled the current Passat as ‘plain looking’ but to us, it’s premium minimalism at its best. It’s probably the same way how Apple fans and enthusiasts seem to gravitate towards their products like the iPhone.

In terms of form, the Volkswagen Passat is all about clarity and powerful presence. It’s clear that the designers from VW wanted the Passat to look as chic as possible but with a façade that commands authority upon arrival. Simplicity is the key and outright function is the game when it comes to this premium sedan.

Strong, bold lines amplify its presence even further and coupled with its all LED lighting system, the Passat is well balanced in terms of looks, which blends well with anyone and everyone. Riding on those 18-inch ‘Dartford’ alloy wheels completes its overall expression. The longer we stared at it, the more we fell in love.

Well-equipped interior

If you’re not convinced on its exterior, just step inside its spacious cabin and you’ll understand that all of its premium offerings are reserved for the driver and passengers. Designed with ultra-pleasing aesthetics and high-quality materials, this was the first car that really made us feel that we’ve somehow arrived at a higher point in our lives. In other words, we felt sooo ‘kaya’ when driving the Passat around.

Its Vienna leather seats are supple to the touch and envelope your body for proper support when driving. Scanning around the cabin area felt very ‘premium’, especially with the addition of those ‘Brilliant Pine’ decorative panels on the dashboard and doors. Very comfortable, very sexy to say the least.

Are you constantly arguing with the other passengers in the car about air-conditioning? Argue no more with the Passat’s ‘Air Care Climatronic’ air-conditioning system with 3-zone temperature control where you can control how cold or warm you want to be without disrupting the settings for your front passenger and rear occupants. That’s cool (or warm, whatever floats your boat).

Powerful yet Refined Driving Experience

The Highline variant comes with a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces around 220hp and 350Nm of maximum torque. Paired with its six-speed DSG transmission package, driving the Passat can be smooth as a baby’s bum or as powerful as a proper four-door sports car. This is all thanks to the addition of several driving modes. We mainly stayed with Comfort or Road mode for our daily drives but if you’re feeling a little bit frisky, just put it Sport mode and take off like nobody’s business.

We also loved how efficient the engine performed together with the six-speed gearbox. Torque comes almost instantly whenever you need to pass another car and working the Passat’s paddle shifter also offered great response. Volkswagen has successfully fine-tuned the Passat into a very dynamic sedan that offers superior levels of driving comfort as well as top performance.

Worried about range? The Passat comes ready with a 66-litre fuel tank and when driven economically, you can easily exceed 1,000km with one full tank of fuel. Now that is what we like to call ‘fuel efficient’.

The wonderful Auto Hold Function

Perhaps to most underrated function the Passat has that we simply adore is its Auto Hold function which helps to reduce driving fatigue when driving in traffic jams. It helps to hold on to the brakes when stationary, so you don’t have to constantly maintain pressure on the brake pedal.

Most cars today tend to release the brakes abruptly when you tap on the accelerator to get the car going again and that tends to slingshot you a bit if you’re not prepared. That’s why we usually turn it off most of the time but the one in the Passat is a darling to work with as it slowly releases the brake and lets the car glide smoothly when you tap gently on the gas pedal. Try it, it’s really good.

Boot Space for the whole family AND MORE

When it comes to a family sedan, boot space plays an important role, especially for that ‘balik kampung’ trip. The Volkswagen Passat has got you covered with its 586-litre boot space. We tried for ourselves and to put things into perspective, we can snuggly fit two of our full-sized adult editors into the boot with little to no issue (apart from stuffing humans into the trunk, which we don’t recommend any of you to replicate).

Want more space? The rear seats can be easily folded with by pulling a couple of tabs in the trunk. Once they’re down, you are presented with an even bigger storage capacity which is perfect for those who constantly purchase abnormally boxed items from Ikea and other establishments.

All in all, we think that you’ll go far and wide with the current generation Passat. Good looks, great engine, and superior comfort make it a formidable sedan against its competition and priced below the RM200,000 mark, we strongly feel that it’s a definite winner in our book.

Want to test it out for yourself? The Volkswagen Fest 2019 is happening this weekend from 30 August – 1 September 2019 where test drives are available for those who are interested. Other fun filled activities for the whole family are in store for all attendees and those who wish to make a purchase can also enjoy great deals and rebates. To know more, check out the link below!

Volkswagen Fest 2019 is happening this weekend!


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