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GR Heritage Parts project to reproduce Toyota Supra parts for sale

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Production of the previous generation of the Toyota Supra ended in 2002 and a follow-up generation did not appear till the launch of the GR Supra in 2019. Enthusiasts were naturally sad when Toyota had announced that Supra production would end, with no indication of whether it could be resumed.

All the units that were still on the road and still in good running condition were obviously cared for, with aftersales support continuing from Toyota dealers. Though it is not known how long Toyota continued to produce replacements parts for the earlier Supra models, some companies will do so for up to 10 years after last production of a model.

Well, it has been 17 years since the Supra (the A80 generation) was last produced so the carmaker would unlikely be making replacement parts. There would be other companies which may make certain parts but these would not be the same as Toyota Genuine Parts which have assured quality.

Toyota Heritage Parts project

Replacement parts for past two generations
Now Toyota has announced that it will reproduce replacement parts for the Supra A70 generation (produced between 1986 and 1983) as well as the A80 generation (1993 – 2002). The parts will be produced as a GR Heritage Parts Project and will be sold in Japan and selected overseas markets. Perhaps the GR Garage which is located at some Toyota dealerships in Malaysia will also offer (or at least take orders) for such parts.

At this time, the list of parts available are as follow:
A70 Supra – propeller shaft, door handle, fuel sender gauge, weather strip, front emblem

A80 Supra – headlamps, door handle, brake booster

Toyota Supra parts
Headlamps and propeller shafts are among the parts planned for reproduction.

Toyota wants to hear from you too
Retail sales were original scheduled to start in 2020 but Toyota says this may be postponed to 2021 due to manufacturing reasons. In the meantime, the carmaker also invites requests and suggestions for parts to be reproduced. A page on the Toyota GAZOO Racing website has a form to submit the requests (click here to go to the page).

Total production numbers for the two Supra generations are hard to come by but in as far as sales in North America were concerned, over 100,000 units of the A79 generation and around 12,000 units of the A80 generation were sold. The smaller number for the A80 Supra reflected the diminished interest in sportscars, especially coupes, during the 1990s as SUV popularity grew. This trend also influenced other carmakers to cease sportscar production as the numbers became economically unviable.

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