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Whether young or old, LEGO has a special appeal and the things that can be created from just those small bricks range from homes to aircraft to Star Wars machines and of course, cars. And where cars are concerned, there are different series with varying levels of complexity.

Recently, Fiat and LEGO gave birth to the new ‘Fiat 500 LEGO Creator Expert’ set which was unveiled at the Spazio MRF-Mirafiori in Turin, Italy.

“In its long history, the Fiat 500 has passed the original material event to enter the collective imagination, becoming an international icon. This is also demonstrated by a recent exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York,” said Cristiano Fiorio, Head of Brand Marketing Communication for FCA EMEA Region.

He added that LEGO only chooses iconic products and the Fiat 500 is not only a car but an artistic and cultural phenomenon with a strong symbolic value, as well as a playful and colourful expression of Italianness in the world.

Fiat 500 LEGO Creator Expert

At the presentation of the new set, there was also full-sized model of the Fiat 500 – made with 189,032 LEGO bricks. It took 830 hours to build the LEGO model, according to a Fiat source.

The partnership between Fiat and LEGO is part of a larger project which sees the FCA group having exclusive collaborations in the licensing field. The aim is to extend the visibility of its brands outside the automotive world, conveying the values ​​of each brand.

Fiat 500 LEGO Creator Expert

Fiat 500 LEGO Creator Expert

Fiat 500 LEGO Creator Expert

The new Fiat 500 LEGO Creator Expert set is the first example and celebrates one of the most famous Made-in-Italy symbols in the world, as well as paying tribute to the legendary ‘Dolce Vita’.

Inspired by the legendary Fiat 500F of the late 1960s, the new set offers a model of 960 pieces, complete with a working sunroof, detailed interiors, luggage racks with spare wheel, luggage rack on the back and an opening hood to inspect the engine once finished construction. In addition, the set includes a folding easel, a palette and a painting of the car against the backdrop of the Colosseum in Rome.

The new Fiat 500 LEGO Creator Expert is available from today at the LEGO Store.

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