Geely donation to Malaysia

War on COVID-19: Geely donates RM5.5 million of medical supplies to Malaysia

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From the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak in China, the Geely Holding Group was already actively working on ways to join in the fight against the virus. Apart from making donations and providing support vehicles for frontliners, the company also used its R&D capabilities to quickly develop an in-car ventilation system that can keep the cabin air virus-free.

Now that the critical situation in China has diminished and the country is progressing towards normalcy, Geely Holding is helping other countries that are having the pandemic. In the case of Malaysia, where Geely and its local partner DRB-HICOM own and operate Proton, assistance is being given in the form of medical supplies.

The donation, consisting of disposable 3-ply surgical masks, protective medical clothing, medical goggles and PL 700 ADV ventilators, all of which are constantly required as they are replaced frequently. These items will be distributed to 55 hospitals located throughout the country through the Ministry of Health.

Geely donation to Malaysia

The donation, worth approximately RM5.5 million, is part of a larger initiative by Geely Holding to supply medical equipment via the Li Shufu Charity Foundation to affected areas in China and to countries where it has significant international operations. It aims to help local healthcare providers and communities at large in their battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The foundation was established in 2006 by Geely Holding’s founder, Li Shufu, with a focus on poverty alleviation and helping with national disasters. In January 2020, it set aside RMB200 million (about RM120.33 million) to support the fight against COVID-19 on a global basis.

“As a socially responsible company, we have a duty to support the well-being of every market in which we operate. I am proud that we have the resources and logistics capability to ship vital supplies to areas hard-hit by this global pandemic. We will play our part, whenever possible, to lend support to communities and medical authorities to overcome this global challenge”, said Geely Holding’s Chairman, Li Shufu.

Some of the X70 SUVs loaned by Proton to the Health Ministry.

In addition to medical supplies received from China, Proton has loaned 50 units of its X70 to the Ministry of Health for their logistical operations. The carmaker has also produced 60,000 units of face shields at its factory.

Meanwhile, DRB-HICOM has been an active supporter of COVID-19 relief efforts in Malaysia. Along with other subsidiaries under its parent company, the Albukhary Group, the Malaysian conglomerate has contributed cash donations, medical equipment, meals for government hospitals, media frontliners and university students, as well as long-range drones for monitoring and surveillance purposes.

“As a key contributor to the nation’s economy, we felt compelled to assist the government in its battle against the spread of COVID-19. The frontliners form the country’s backbone in this fight, and it is essential for us to assist them in any way possible. We are especially fortunate to have a partner like Geely who has been extremely generous in leveraging their resources to make this happen,” said Dato’ Sri Syed Faisal Albar, Chairman of Proton.

Geely sends medical equipment and supplies to Malaysia and other countries

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