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Bermaz Auto provides Mazda Contactless Service for everyone’s protection

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Like all companies which have been permitted to resume operations after a lengthy shutdown due to the Movement Control Order (MCO), the Bermaz Auto Group has to comply with Standard Operating Procedures for the protection of customers as well as the company’s employees.

The safety standards set by the Ministry of Health will be fully adhered to, particularly in the ‘last-mile’ service to customers. To achieve this, Bermaz will provide Mazda Contactless Service where human contact is minimized.

Bermaz Mazda

Two ways to get vehicle serviced
Mazda Contactless Service comes with the choice of Collect & Deliver Service or Mobile Service. The Collect & Deliver Service is available at selected service centres via appointment. The location of the vehicle should be within a radius of 10 kms of the service centre. The Mobile Service, available since 2017 in certain areas, brings the service centre to your doorstep but an appointment is required. Before and after service work, Bermaz personnel will disinfect the interior of the vehicle.

Bermaz Mazda
File picture of a Bermaz Auto service centre.

Extension of warranty/free service
Understanding that these are challenging times, Bermaz wants to give its customers flexibility so the company has extended its warranty and free scheduled maintenance for those affected by the restrictions of the MCO. The extension accorded will be equivalent to the same period of time as the MCO being in effect.

A message from the Executive Chairman
“We are now in an unusual situation, caught in a global pandemic, a time that none of us have ever experienced before. We are now under the Movement Control Order to ensure Social Distancing. I am sure this will put a lot of stress on us and our families because we, as humans, our activities are always centre around family, friends, and colleagues. But we know this is necessary to ensure we curtail this epidemic in our community and reduce the contagion effect,” said Dato’ Sri Ben Yeoh, Executive Chairman of Bermaz Auto.

“We stay at home and practice social distancing but always remember to spread love and care, through constant contact with the people we love. Connectivity can still be practiced even when we are distancing. Modern technology has allowed us to practice the varied uses of mobile devices and their platforms, internet and computer devices. We will pull out of this crisis stronger and more resilient in the future,” he added.

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