All-new Volkswagen Nivus to create new segment in Brazil

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Brazil, though far from the major centres of the auto industry, is still an important location for some carmakers’ product development activities. The diversity of demographics, terrain and economy provides a rich environment to develop new models, especially for emerging markets.

Pandemic nothwithstanding, Volkswagen is planning the brand’s largest product campaign in South America this year. There will be at least 20 new product launches. One of them will be unveiled tomorrow and it is to be called the Nivus. It is expected to create a new segment in the Brazilian market where it will be sold initially.

Volkswagen Anchieta plant
The Anchieta plant in Brazil began operations in 1959 and was the first Volkswagen factory outsider Germany. Modernised over the years, it has produced a variety of models for the South American market and will be producing the new Nivus.

Volkswagen Anchieta plant

The vehicle is based on the modular transverse matrix (MQB) and will be built at the Anchieta plant  using cutting-edge production processes. The new vehicle will also be available in Argentina later this year. Other South American markets will follow in 2021.

With an innovative design that combines SUV elements and coupe lines, it will be amongst the largest models within the small vehicle segment with a luggage compartment capacity of 415 litres. As a Crossover Utility Vehicle (CUV), the Nivus offers ample vehicle interior space with an elevated seating position.

In the longer term, the Nivus will also go beyond the South American continent and become an international model for the German carmaker. Using the MQB platform means that it will be readily adaptable for production in other markets as well.

Volkswagen MQB
Introduced about 8 years ago, the MQB platform which the Nivus will ride on was developed as a flexible platform. It can be used for a wide range of model types cars from superminis class to midsized SUVs.
VW Saveiro
Historically, Volkswagen has developed some models specially for the Brazilian market, like the Saveiro.

The company has invested some €1.8 billion (about RM8.6 billion) in Brazil up to 2020 and under an organizational realignment made 3 years ago, the region has been given significantly greater independence in product development. Consequently, local management now has much more extensive decision-making flexibility, along with greater entrepreneurial responsibility.

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