2020 Pininfarina Battista Anniversario

The World’s First Globally-Connected Hypercar

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For most people who can afford Pininfarina’s Battista pure-electric hypercar, communications on the move will be with the best available devices. If they are in the remotest areas on the planet, they would have satphones which make use of satellite networks encircling the earth.

However, when driving, they may find that access to online services are inconsistent or unreliable when crossing different countries. Understanding this, Automobili Pininfarina and Deutsche Telekom have come up with a way for Battista owners to easily access online services in more than 50 countries worldwide – a first in the world of hypercars.

2020 Pininfarina Battista Anniversario

Optimised connectivity worldwide
Every Battista will come with an embedded SIM card and roaming technology for optimised connectivity worldwide. Using these components, Deutsche Telekom’s roaming partner network and roaming traffic steering logic enables the vehicle to search for the strongest network, so owners don’t find themselves in communication blackspots even as they cross international borders.

This superior connectivity also means greater convenience for owners to receive Over-The-Air (OTA) updates, the latest thing in the industry. By sending software updates online, the vehicle’s systems or devices will always be up-to-date and perform at their best.

2020 Pininfarina Battista Anniversario

The system is able to remotely update 26 individual electronic control modules in the Battista across functions covering the pure-electric powertrain, advanced safety and driving dynamics systems, vehicle control, infotainment as well as digital services.

Future-proofing the hypercar
These software updates can be delivered via wifi when parked within range in the garage, or using the embedded SIM on the road. In this way, the Battista is future-proof and owners will continue to benefit from the latest software advances as the years pass.

2020 Pininfarina Battista Anniversario

“All of these elements of connectivity contribute to our seamless ‘Life on Board’ Concept. Everything from the driver-orientated user-experience to the convenience features such as the global roaming and OTA updates have been developed and engineered to bring heightened convenience to our luxury hyper GT,” said Paolo Dellacha, Chief Product and Engineering Officer of Automobile Pininfarina which is owned by India’s Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

Digital concierge
The ‘digital concierge’ experience includes Smart Diagnostics technology, which monitors the car’s system to spot potential issues before they arise to ensure the pinnacle of electrified performance and safety at all time. If the system detects an issue that cannot be dealt with remotely by a software update, Automobili Pininfarina will dispatch one of its team of engineers to resolve the issue –  wherever the car is parked in the world.

2020 Pininfarina Battista Anniversario

A specially developed smartphone app keeps owners connected to their Battista at all times, enabling customers to remotely lock and unlock the car, view telemetry, check the state of charge and monitor the location of Battista. On the move, drivers can seamlessly link their smartphone which will mirror key apps and functions within the vehicle for enhanced music streaming and real-time navigation capabilities.

This wider connected and digital ecosystem is enhanced by the Battista’s advanced infotainment system. The two logically-arranged and intuitive touchscreens and an additional slim display located in the centre, deliver all the key telemetry, dynamic functions and information as well as featuring selected media and navigation elements and controls. All have been designed and positioned in a way to ensure minimum driver distraction while providing all the required information while on the move.

2020 Pininfarina Battista Anniversario

The Battista will be the most powerful car ever designed and built in Italy, with the claim that it will deliver a level of performance that is unachievable today in any road-legal sportscar using internal combustion engine technology. With 1,900 bhp/2,300 Nm, it will be faster than a current Formula 1 race car in its 0 -100 km/h sub-2 second sprint and, with a 120 kWh battery pack, travel over 500 kms. 150 hypercars will be built, each said to cost no less than US$2.5 million (almost RM10.3 million).

Battista Anniversario – the world’s first luxury pure-electric hyper GT

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