Toyo Proxes CR1

Toyo Tires Proxes CR1 launched in Malaysia, 36 sizes for passenger cars and SUVS

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Toyo Tyre Malaysia has added a new tyre to its Proxes range with the launch of the Toyo Proxes CR1 tyre in Malaysia tonight via an online event. The new tyre is for passenger cars and SUVs, especially those between the A-segments to D-segments.

36 sizes are available for the Malaysian market, ranging from 14-inch to 18-inch diameters (9 sizes for the Proxes CR1 SUV tyres from 17-inch to 19-inch diameters). The recommended retail prices for the passenger car version range from RM160 to RM440, while the SUV version ranges from RM380 to RM580, depending on the tyre size.

Toyo Proxes CR1

Main features
The Proxes CR1 tyres have four strong points – Quietness, Safety, High Grade and Comfort. The secret of the Proxes CR1 achieving these attributes is the use of Toyo Tires’ proprietary T-Mode and Nano Balance Technology.

To run quietly, noise reducing materials have been incorporated in the tyre. The silent wall and out-in different pitch arrangement collaborate to disperse pitch noise, and a noise protection sheet is inserted within the construction of the tyre to reduce casing noise.

Toyo Proxes CR1

Toyo Proxes CR1

The Proxes CR1 offers superior performance in both wet and dry road conditions. Its highly developed water drainage system is made of wide circumferential grooves that quickly expel water from under the tyre.

As important as wet road grip is dry road grip, which is probably the condition for more of the driving time. The triple taper and rib design improves the performance by securing rib rigidity and suppresses circumferential fluctuation resulting in less uneven wear. In addition, the multi-wave sipes help in the prevention of irregular wear by ensuring block stiffness and a joint-less cap ply improves high speed performance.

Toyo Proxes CR1

The high grade of the tyre is saod tp be in its overall performance. Toyo Tires claims the Proxes CR1 produces 11% less road noise and has 2% reduction in aquaplaning on wet roads compared to its predecessor, the Nano Energy 3. It also has lower rolling resistance for better fuel consumption.

Tengku Djan’s comments
“Overall, the low rolling resistance and low noise levels of the Proxes CR1 are the aspect that really shine,” said Tengku Djan Ley, Malaysia’s professional drift driver, who has tested the new tyres on his Mercedes-Benz C230. “I must say the rolling comfort with these tyres is exceptional.”

“If you are using it for daily driving, the Proxes CR1 is 100% comfortable,” he added. “It’s actually the perfect tyre for street use.”

Toyo Proxes CR1

He praised the tyre’s grip at high speeds and was impressed with the braking in both wet and dry conditions. “What I found is that there is good support in the sidewalls, with good resistance to stress during hard cornering. Under pressure, this tyre performs extremely well,” he noted. “This tyre is up there with the best where safety is concerned.”

In conjunction with the launch of the Proxes CR1, customers who purchase a set of four Proxes CR1 tyres will receive a free limited edition Proxes CR1 umbrella (while stocks last).

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