Dacia Bigster Concept previews new range-topper for Romanian carmaker

Dacia, the Romanian carmaker that is part of the Renault Group, may not have a high profile in the global auto industry but it’s been pretty good at drawing from the technical pool of the group and the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance. As a result, it has produced competitive products which enjoy a following in 44 markets.

The company is now looking at new horizons in the C-segment and has developed a concept model to gauge response. It is likely that this will be positioned as a range-topper when it goes into production by 2025.

=2021 Dacia Bigster Concept

C-segment SUV, B-segment price
Known as the Bigster, the 4.5 metre SUV proposal is a roomy and robust vehicle  with a target cost of the B-segment. It will use the modular CMF-B platform which was unveiled to the public at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show. The platform is designed to be used for a wide range of models and embodies the Drive the Future plan, featuring electric engines, advanced driving aids approaching self-driving technology and advanced connectivity technologies.

The CMF-B platform (already used for the new Sandero) will replace the three platforms previously used by Renault and Nissan (including the Micra and Clio IV platforms) and 85% of its components are new (compared with the Clio IV platform).

2021 Dacia Bigster Concept

New design language
The Y-shaped lighting signature highlights the SUV’s bold and assertive style. This is an element in the brand’s new design language which appears to still be evolving. There is no chrome trim or imitation-aluminium, and the Bigster Concept uses only raw recycled plastics for all exterior protective panels.

2021 Dacia Bigster Concept

2021 Dacia Bigster Concept

2021 Dacia Bigster Concept

The generous outside dimensions suggest a very spacious interior. The dark green coat underpins ‘the adventurous explorer’ within.

Powertrains for the Bigster concept will be advanced and electrified, with hybrids and what the company refers to as ‘alternative energy’ (probably pure EV).

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