Older Hyundai models can now be covered under HSDM’s Extended Warranty programme

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A warranty is like medical insurance – you pay for it hoping that you never have to make a claim but if you are seriously ill, then you will be so glad you have the insurance. With a warranty for motor vehicles, it’s the same thing. You have the coverage which gives peace of mind, and if the vehicle runs fine, then you don’t need to make a claim. But should there be a failure, the warranty will likely cover repair or replacement costs that can sometimes be shocking.

All new vehicles come with a warranty of a certain period, typically to cover manufacturing defects or faults that are not due to the owner’s usage. These warranties end at some point – either based on time or mileage – and then the protection ends.

For vehicles up to 8 years old
For Hyundai owners who want the continued peace of mind after the original warranty ends, Hyundai-Sime Darby Motors (HSDM) now offers an Extended Warranty Programme for selected Hyundai models. The vehicles should no longer than 8 years from the manufacturing date and with a travelled mileage of under 300,000 kms on the fifth year from the car’s original purchase date.

Applicable models are the AD/MD Elantra, LF Sonata, TL/LM Tucson, DM Santa Fe and TQ Starex. To qualify for the Extended Warranty programme, the vehicles must have a good service record at authorized Hyundai service centres in Malaysia, and owners are required to send in their vehicles to an authorized service centre for a routine service according to HSDM’s recommended service interval.

Hyundai models that qualify for the Extended Warranty programme include the Elantra (above) and Santa Fe (below).

“Most extended warranty programmes by a car brand are offered by premium and luxury car brands but we are offering this programme for Hyundai cars as we are confident of the quality of our vehicles, and we want to help our customers maintain their cars longer with peace of mind,” said Low Yuan Lung, Managing Director of HSDM.

Functions like a new car’s warranty
While the original factory warranty is included in the purchase price of the vehicle, the Extended Warranty requires payment of RM1,280 annually to remain in effect. The Extended Warranty will function just like a new car’s warranty but covers mileage of not more than 30,000 kms a year. It covers internal and primary components of the transmission system as well as other electrical components of the engine, transmission, motor and modular parts of the vehicles.

It also covers complimentary repairs and parts replacement while under warranty. The coverage limit per claim is set at RM10,000. However, any item that has been claimed beforehand can be claimed again should it be proven faulty with a claim of up to RM50,000 on the total aggregate (until it is fulfilled).

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