Honda Dog acessories

Honda Japan’s website even has a section dedicated to dogs and dog owners

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Someone in Honda must be a big dog-lover and made a good case for the company’s Japanese website to have a section dedicated to our furry friends. Of course, the company also associates Honda vehicles in various ways while offering tips and ideas on outings with dogs in the car. There are also articles for young children, advising them about safety and how to attend and care for dogs during a journey.

There’s even section where the ‘dog-friendliness’ of each Honda model is assessed, covering aspects such as getting in and out and the comfort levels. The assessments are done by different owners and provide insights into the useful features for those who bring along their dogs. For example, with the popular N-Box model, there are comments on the ease of attaching and positioning a specially designed doggie seat next to the driver.

Honda Dog acessories

Range of accessories for dogs
There’s also a range of accessories specially for dogs such as a dog seat, mat, lining cover and even straps to keep the dog inside the car. Needless to say, they are all designed to match Honda models. Paw stickers are also available as well as paw-themed covers for key fobs.

The Honda Dog accessories range recently got new additions for owners who want to show the world that their canine friends are really special. Owners can now install paw-shaped wheel caps on their vehicles. The caps are 54 mm and 63 mm in diameter and fit a wide range of original Honda wheels.

Honda Dog acessories

Honda Dog acessories

If you’re a dog owner, you probably have your furry friend putting his or her paw on your hand a lot. Now, while you’re driving, you can put your hand on a paw. Honda has a cover for the shift lever which is designed like a paw. It comes in three colours – white, black and ‘Shiba’, which is the colour scheme of the much-loved Shiba Inu of Japan.

Honda Dog acessories

Only for Japanese market
The Honda Dog accessories are available only for the Japanese market. Perhaps they will one day be offered in other countries as well, like the the tarik hooks (grocery hooks) which were introduced in Japan in the mid-1970s and eventually became accessories or standard items in many cars all over the world.

Some of the items in Honda Malaysia’s TEI merchandise range.

Honda accessories in Malaysia
For the Malaysian market, Modulo and MUGEN accessories are available for the various models, usually for inclusion at the time of purchase. There is also Honda TEI (Trust, Equality, Individuality) merchandise such as clothes, bags and even a sports hijab for women. They are available at authorized Honda dealerships nationwide or the Honda Malaysia Official Store at Shopee. For more information, visit

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