Volvo Car Malaysia offers lifetime warranty for genuine parts

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Manufacturing processes in the auto industry have been continuously improving and, together with better materials, automotive parts have been able to last longer. This has given carmakers the ability to progressively lengthen warranties which, 40 years ago, were just a year long or maximum of 20,000 kms after first registration.

Today, many companies offer coverage for a period of 5 years or longer, and there is no limit on mileage. However, owners must follow the schedule of maintenance services and inspections, and visit authorised service centres in order to keep the warranty valid. This is a reasonable condition since the vehicle also needs to be kept in good running condition which will help it to last.

Since manufacturers are confident enough to give longer warranties, it stands to reason that the parts in a vehicle are also long-lasting and this has led Volvo Car Malaysia to offer the ‘Customer Lifetime Parts Warranty’ programme. Under this new programme, owners who have purchased and installed Volvo genuine parts at an authorised Volvo dealership from October 1, 2021 will be eligible to for the warranty. The coverage commences from the date the part is purchased and is valid as long as the vehicle remains under the ownership of the registered owner.

The Customer Lifetime Parts Warranty does not cover every single item, especially wear-and-tear items like windscreen wiper blades and light bulbs. Such items are also usually excluded from the general warranty unless there is a definite manufacturing defect.

Most other warranties on replacement parts are for a limited period so Volvo Car Malaysia’s Lifetime coverage will give more peace of mind. In the event that repair or replacement for any genuine Volvo parts are due to a material or manufacturing defect, Volvo Car Malaysia will repair and replace the parts free of charge.

Those with older Volvo models who have not visited an authorised Volvo dealership for more than 2 years can also enjoy this lifetime warranty programme. However, they need to first bring their vehicle to an authorised service centre for the Volvo Health Check. This is to ensure that the vehicle is in good condition and has not been modified or tampered with in any way.

Modifications can cause problems which can lead to parts wearing out faster or even failing. For example, using wheels that are not original and are of an ‘extreme’ size could place stress on certain areas, resulting in damage or failure. This would obviously not be Volvo’s fault and cannot be covered.

Older models can also enjoy the lifetime parts warranty if they meet certain conditions,

If the vehicle check confirms the vehicle is in good condition, then the owner can purchase parts under the warranty programme. However, the vehicles must be sent to any authorised Volvo dealership for subsequent services for the warranty to remain valid. This means that if the owner has not been using authorised service centres after the original warranty ended, they will now have to do so for the rest of the time they own the vehicle.

“This new offering is part of our commitment to provide the best aftersales services for our customers. Customer satisfaction have always been a pivotal aspect for Volvo, and through this warranty programme, our customers can now enjoy the benefits of decreased maintenance costs and experience the quality offered by Volvo, in the years to come,” said Charles Frump, Managing Director of Volvo Car Malaysia.

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