Mercedes-Benz Malaysia issues recall for a large number of vehicles produced between 2004 and 2016

The Takata airbag issue started some 7 years ago, and millions of vehicles have been recalled over the years to have their airbag systems replaced. The urgency of the recall was because a dangerous condition in the system’s inflator module could cause the pressure to become too high and break up the module, sending metal pieces towards the driver (and front passenger) at 300 km/h. In some cases, people died as a result of severe injuries.

Takata supplied the airbag systems to many different carmakers so all of them had to make a recall and some companies, like Honda Malaysia, put in a really serious and costly effort to get owners to bring their vehicles in. However, because vehicles change owners over time, recall notices did not reach everyone and there are probably many vehicles still with the dangerous airbag systems.

Inside a steering wheel with an airbag system.

The manufacturers continue to try to make the replacements as much as possible and Mercedes-Benz Malaysia is conducting a safety recall of potentially affected Takata airbag modules from specific models in compliance with the European type approval. This is after gaining a deeper understanding of the condition of airbags modules in the vehicle after a prolonged period. This can be particularly in certain climatic conditions in high humidity countries with high temperatures.

Models poduced between 2004 and 2016 affected
In fact, in mid-2019, the carmaker made a worldwide recall of affected models of its passenger cars, vans and trucks. Locally, the models affected include the models 169 (A-Class), 203, 204 (C-Class), X204 (GLK), 207 (E-Coupe/ Convertible), 212 (E-Class), 164 (ML and GL-Class), 251 (R-Class), 171 (SLK), and 197 (SLS AMG) which were produced between 2004 – 2016.

The largest number of cars being recalled in Malaysia would be from the C-Class (above) and E-Class (below) produced between 2004 and 2016.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia and Daimler AG reassures its customers that all its presently produced passenger car models are no longer equipped with Takata (or other manufacturers’) airbags which have ammonium nitrate as the primary propellant. This element was a key factor in the cause of the problem.

Notifications sent out
Mercedes-Benz owners can check their vehicle VIN on the Mercedes-Benz microsite mb4.me/airbagrecall or by calling the Malaysian Customer Care Centre on 1-800-88-1133 to confirm if their vehicle has been identified for this voluntary program. Mercedes-Benz Malaysia urges all affected customers to contact authorized Mercedes-Benz dealers, the Customer Care Centre or use our online booking facility upon the receipt of the notification to replace the airbag, subject to parts availability. The replacement airbag will be provided free of charge if there is a need for it to be changed.

In the event that you are not the original owner, you might not receive any notification as the contact details with MBM may not be updated to yours. You will still be entitled to the replacement (if needed) so contact their Customer Care Centre for assistance.

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