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Experience living with an electric vehicle for RM24.90 an hour

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With the duty-free incentive for fully electric vehicles (EVs) to start next month, there may be many who are wondering if they should switch to such vehicles. While the exemption of all duties and taxes will mean a lower price, don’t expect prices to drop to the same as a Nissan Almera Turbo just because they are duty-free. EV technology is still young and therefore expensive, which is why manufacturers hope governments will help by making them more ‘affordable’.

For those who are thinking of getting one, you can experience ownership for a short while with GoCar’s new GoEV programme. This programme, which requires first signing up as a GoCar member, offers affordable EV access with car-sharing and subscription options. It is available to all fully licensed drivers aged 18 and above.

GoCar GoEV Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF used
The members can select their preferred GoEV Share or GoEV Subs plans which have 25 units of Nissan LEAF fully electric vehicles. The sharing option is currently available only for round-trips (pick-up and return at the same zone) and short-term use – by the hour or by the day. Rates start from RM24.90 per hour or RM249 per day. From now until January 31, 2022, there will be a 25% reduction on rates for all GoEV Share bookings.

The GoEV programme will initially be offered in the Klang Valley where 3 GoEV zones are already in operation. Another seven will be added before this year ends.

GoCar GoEV Nissan LEAF

“Global warming is at the tipping point and the negative effects of climate change will continue to perpetuate for decades. As a top contributor to greenhouse gases emissions, the transport sector must transition to full electrification, which studies have shown significantly reduces the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere,” said Wong Hoe Mun, CEO of GoCar Malaysia.

EV experience for more Malaysians
“Malaysia still has a long way to go to catch up on EV adoption and infrastructure. However, we believe that through car-sharing and subscription, we can help encourage mass adoption. We are so excited to be bringing affordable EV access to the general public. This way, everyone – not just the privileged few – can experience the EV lifestyle,” he added.

GoCar GoEV Nissan LEAF

Longer terms also available
Those who want a longer duration to experience what it is like to live with an EV can opt for a 36-month subscription at RM2,299 per month. These rates are inclusive of roadtax, insurance, regular servicing and a wall box home charger to allow more efficient recharging.

To ease any potential range anxiety for car sharing customers, GoCar is also providing complimentary ChargEV cards in each vehicle, which will give users access to almost 300 charging stations nationwide. Charging stations at the GoEV zones are free to use for all GoEV customers.

If you want to know more about the Nissan LEAF or purchase one, visit www.nissan.com.my.

GoCar GoEV Nissan LEAF

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