Volkswagen ID. XTREME Concept Shows High-Performance Potential Of MEB

Showing that electric cars can also have high performance and go off-road

Volkswagen ID. XTREME off-road concept car

With the ID.4 GTX that Volkswagen launched in May last year, the company showed that ‘performance’ can also be associated with battery electric vehicles (BEVs), just as combustion engine models have performance variants. A member of the brand’s BEV range, it is the first fully electric high-performance model that is said to add a new dimension to sportiness and dynamics. Just as ‘GTI’ has been used to identify Volkswagen’s performance models, ‘GTX’ will do likewise with the electric vehicles.

To show that there is still much potential to extend the performance envelope, Volkswagen has come out with the ID. XTREME concept car based on the ID.4 GTX. This is the most powerful ID model yet revealed and shows the performance potential and versatility of the modular electric drive matrix (MEB).

Equipped with all-wheel drive, the ID. XTREME combines the strengths of a modern SUV with the sense of adventure embodied by a rugged off-road vehicle. It was created by the team of Andreas Reckewerth (Head of overall vehicle) in the Volkswagen Development department.

Volkswagen’s ID range of battery electric models use the modular electric drive matrix (MEB) which was specifically developed for BEVs.

“The modular electric drive matrix (MEB) has enormous technical potential,” said Silke Bagschik, Head of the MEB Product Line. “For many of our customers, vehicles are much more than just a means of transport. With the ID. XTREME, we are raising electric mobility from VW to a new performance level.”

The result of the project is a unique off-road vehicle that will impress with its rugged appearance and outstanding power. A high-performance drive on the rear axle and software adaptations in the drive control unit increase the system power of the concept car by about 30% compared with the ID.4 GTX – 65 kW to 285 kW.


In creating the ID. XTREME, Volkswagen wants to see the response from enthusiasts. We are really eager to find out how the fans of electromobility react to the vehicle. Based on the feedback from our community, we will decide how to proceed with the project,“ said Bagschik, which suggests that it could become a production model if a lot of people want it.

The exterior of the ID. XTREME show that the car is ready for any off-road adventure. Raised rally running gear, 18-inch off-road wheels, a modified crash member with additional front bumper, and 50 mm-wider wings manufactured by 3D printing combine to give the concept vehicle an authentic off-road look.

The roof carrier with additional LED lights and the completely closed aluminium underbody also equip the fully electric all-wheel drive vehicle for excursions away from paved roads.

The ID. XTREME has something else that is special: the sound it generates. ‘Driving noise’ has been developed together with Volkswagen Design which is output to the outside via a sound generator in the wheel housing.

Within, the cabin has various highlights, such as numerous Alcantara applications, revamped seats and elements in the accent colour orange.

The production ID.4 GTX which was launched in May last year.

Interestingly, to demonstrate sustainability, the ID. XTREME was built using a test vehicle from production development that was no longer required. Furthermore, the 82 kWh battery pack is also a used unit recycled for powering the concept vehicle.

The ID. XTREME is being displayed at the ID. Treffen event in Locarno, Switzerland. This event by and for fans of electric mobility is taking place for the second time this year and could become the green and sustainable event for electric mobility modelled on the well known GTI meeting at Lake Worth in Austria.

The ID. Treffen event is attended by ID. owners and enthusiasts of electromobility who share their experiences with their vehicles and Volkswagen also offers insights into current developments.

This year, ID. enthusiasts from the whole of Europe are meeting to share their experiences with electric mobility. Initiated and organized by the ID. Drivers Club, the ID. Treffen is supported by Volkswagen as part of its commitment to the way to ZERO. Together with experts from the company, the team of the Volkswagen Drivers Club is attending the event to provide insights into the current developments in the area of sustainable mobility.