Mercedes me connect Store Now Open For Malaysian Mercedes-Benz Owners

Expanding personalisation options, the digital way

Although many new models are now having remote connection capabilities, Mercedes-Benz began to offer the feature – known as Mercedes me connect – in 2016, with introduction in the Malaysian market in late 2019. Initially, it was available for only a few models but older ones (up to 2002) could be connected with a Mercedes me adapter that cost RM250.

Since then, Mercedes me connect has become a standard feature on the latest models, providing owners with a constant connection to their vehicle via their smartphone and the Mercedes me app (available for Android and iOS devices). From a distance away – like inside a hotel room or home – the owner can check the current status of the vehicle as well as make service appointments.

Besides vehicle information such as mileage, tyre pressures and fuel level, the Mercedes me app has also been designed for EV models which Mercedes-Benz is now also selling in Malaysia. It can provide information on where the nearest charging stations are and the battery condition so the owner won’t be caught by surprise the next day.

Mercedes me connect is therefore a ‘close companion’ of Mercedes-Benz owners, right in the palm of their hand. According to Edmin Naidoo, Vice-President of Customer Services at Mercedes-Benz Cars, Malaysia and SEA II, almost 100% of new vehicle owners are connected via the app as they see the value and appreciate the new digital experience.

“As a global luxury brand, we are constantly looking for new and updated way to enhance our offerings. And with the digitalisation of business and services, it is only natural for us to upgrade our services to offer convenient seamless digital experiences at our customer’s fingertips,” he said.


Personalisation the digital way
This has led to the introduction of the Mercedes me Store for the Malaysian market. While the basic services (ie essential safety and maintenance services as well as vehicle data already available will remain free indefinitely, the store offers owners additional personalisation features such as digital services and innovative enhancements, if they want to have them.

The offerings (availability depends on model) are subscription-based, with a choice of 1-year or 3-year terms. The 2 items for subscription are the Remote Package and Navigation Package, the former priced at RM389 for 1 year and RM914 for 3 years, while the latter will cost RM608 and RM1,438, respectively. If the owner takes both packages at the same time, there’s a special rate of RM869 and RM2,049, respectively.

The Remote Package provides the convenience of locking and unlocking doors from a distance (like your hotel room or office), opening/closing windows or opening the sunroof to let out the hot air. It also has geofencing and vehicle location. The Navigation Package provides enhanced route guidance and features like 3D mapping and a revolutionary voice control with natural speech.

There are also two items with one-time payment – Hard Disc Navigation (RM3,466) and AMG Track Pace (RM1,120). The latter, already available in a couple of models, is for capturing performance data which will be useful to those who take their car to a racetrack. It’s like having a personal racing engineer on hand and even has a ‘Drag Race’ mode to optimize your accelerating and braking maneuvers.

There’s also an Individualization Package for RM400/RM933 which enhances the sound experience and also offers Mini Games. The selection of games has been developed specifically for the touchscreens and steering wheel Touch Control buttons in the car. The games can be played alone or even against others in the car but when the vehicle is moving, playing can only be done at the rear.