First Look At New Hyundai KONA Generation, To Be Launched In 2023

To be offered with a choice of three powertrain types

Hyundai Motor has released the first pictures of the new generation of its KONA sub-compact SUV, and like the original IONIQ, there will be a choice of battery electric (BEV), hybrid electric (HEV) or just an internal combustion engine (ICE). A fourth choice will be the sporty N line.

While sharing the same architecture, each version will have unique styling to differentiate it. The overall size has increased a bit with 150 mm addition to the length, 25 mm more width and a wheelbase that is 60 mm longer.

In a reversal of past practices where a design started off for an ICE version, Hyundai’s designers began with the BEV version and then adapted the model for HEV and ICE powertrains. This EV-led process has brought more tech-centric design thinking which results in distinctive futuristic styling.

Aerodynamic efficiency is emphasised in the exterior design and the pure volume is highlighted by the stretched Seamless Horizon Lamp which is pixelated on the EV variant/ This is the first Hyundai model with a Pixelated Seamless Horizon Lamp and it has Parametric Pixels as the distinctive design element.

Despite its futuristic appearance, the new KONA still has SUV features such as boldly sculpted wheel arch claddings that incorporate headlamps and taillamps. The bodywork is covered with parametric surfaces; a sharp diagonal crease of the sides connects the satin chrome molding from the belt line to the spoiler, creating a contour that wraps around the entire vehicle.

Current KONA Electric

The rear features another Seamless Horizon Lamp as well as a third brake light that is seamlessly integrated within the satin chrome molding of the spoiler.

The styling variations are very obvious. The BEV gets pixel graphic details on the intake grille and rear bumper, a pixel-inspired 19-inch alloy wheel design, black embracing line and optional black side mirrors and roof. The ICE and HEV versions share a bold and rugged bumper and skidplate design, and black wheel arch cladding.

The sporty N Line has optional black side mirrors and roof, wing-type spoiler, more aggressive front and rear designs with wing-shaped bumper to emphasize a lower stance, distinctive 19-inch alloy wheels, twin muffler and silver sideskirt.

‘Living space’

The larger interior is a ‘living space’ with practical features and an evolved in-car experience to accommodate diverse lifestyles. The EV-derived universal architecture accommodates a sporty layout with floating horizontal C-Pad to emphasize the slim and wide interior. Ambient lighting enhances the user experience and convenience.

The 12.3-inch dual wide displays and floating module impart a high-tech impression. With the column type shift-by-wire relocated from the centre console to behind the steering wheel, it provides an uncluttered layout and additional space for belongings in the central tunnel.

The second-row Curve-less Bench Seat shows the KONA’s 21st century urban design aesthetic. This area offers maximum usability, comfort and convenience. Behind the second row is a cargo space optimized for maximum volume.

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