Ingress Auto Is Offering Five Great Reasons To Trade Up To A BMW!

RM65,000 worth of rebates when you purchase a BMW!

The festive season brings many things to cheer for. Being Malaysian, we get a bounty of public holidays, scrumptious food everywhere, and great deals on new cars.

With the upcoming Chinese New Year that will be celebrated at the end of this month, Ingress Auto is offering plenty of reasons to trade in your car. Any car.

If you have ever been dreaming about owning a BMW, Ingress Auto wants to give you five great reasons to trade up.

  1. Rebates of up to RM65,000
    Yes you read that right. Ingress Auto wants to give you rebates of up to RM65,000, depending on the model of your choice. Now that is a sweet deal.
  1. Get a BMW Lifestyle Voucher worth RM2,000
    What is a lifestyle voucher? Well, ever noticed that every time you visit a BMW dealership, there are bound to be plenty of merchandise such as t-shirts, caps, diecast models, and even travel bags. Well, Ingress Auto will give you a RM2,000 voucher which you can use to purchase any of those items.
  1. BMW Financing as low as 0.92%
    Okay, this is a fantastic deal guys, besides the points mentioned above and below of course. Opt to take a loan from BMW to purchase your BMW and you could enjoy a 0.92% interest rate for the financing. That is among the lowest available in the market at the moment.
  1. Festive CNY Basket
    Now what is a festive season without all the hampers and baskets? How can you go through Chinese New Year without getting a hamper? Ingress Auto has your back and will throw in a Festive CNY Basket for you, in pure festive spirit of course.
  1. Complimentary Touch ’nGo card worth RM2,888
    You know what makes us feel good about paying tolls? When someone else is paying for it. And receiving a Touch ‘nGo with RM2,888 preloaded in it just makes driving so much more stress free.
  1. Trade in any car for a BMW
    Yes, we know we mentioned five great reasons earlier, but hey, Ingress Auto always has a couple of tricks up its sleeve. And the great news is you can actually trade in any car of yours for a BMW this Chinese New Year season, only at Ingress Auto.

If you’re a BMW fan who has grown up dreaming about one day owning a BMW, the time has never been better.

Visit Ingress Auto Damansara this 14th and 15th of January from 9am to 5pm for the ultimate Chinese New Year deal.

Visit for further information, or call 03-7721-2288.

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