Illegally Parked Lamborghini Damaged By Angry Passer-By In Penang

Did the Lamborghini owner deserve to have his car damaged?

Image: Oriental Day News Online

Parking spaces are inadequate in most cities and people park indiscriminately in any space they can find. The authorities will take action and even tow some vehicles away if not place a summons notice on the windscreen. But they cannot be around all the time so there will be cases (many of them) when cars are parked illegally and inconvenience others.

Usually, people will grumble about the inconsiderate parking which may obstruct pedestrians from walking by safely. In some cases, cars are parked at the entrance of ramps for those won wheelchairs, preventing them from going up to a kerb easily.

Most of the times, people will just grumble and with social media these days, take pictures and post them on pages like ‘Stupid Parking Idiots’. But one person recently decided to take his own action against a car parked illegally near a bus stop in George Town, Penang. The car also blocked a passage for disabled people in wheelchairs.

According to a report in the China Press, a man had passed by a Lamborghini parked near the bus stop. He was riding a bicycle and perhaps he was angry that he had to move further towards the busy traffic, endangering his life. He was said to have expressed his anger to by-standers as well. He then approached the car and kicked the bonnet and damaged the door mirror. It is believed that he also scratched the car.

And where was the car owner? Having a meal at a shop nearby. He was not having any emergency but simply decided that he could park there without considering other road-users. Alerted about the ‘attack’ on his car, he called the police after coming out to check.

The incident naturally made it to social media where many people supported the actions of the man. They commended him for doing what they had wished they dared to do themselves when coming across such situations.

We don’t know if the owner of the car made a police report since he too would be charged as he was parked in an area with a yellow line, besides being close to the bus stop bay. And the man who damaged his car would also face charges for damaging property. Quite likely, the fine would be less than the cost of a Lamborghini door mirror.

What’s your opinion of this? Do you also support the man for his actions?