EVs With Minor Battery Damage Are Being Totaled


Carmakers including Ford and General Motors have said they’re creating battery packs that are more straightforward to fix, replace and reuse, yet Tesla and other EV creators are supposedly heading down a different path. Tesla’s utilization of structural batteries that are vital to an EV’s design makes it challenging to fix or reuse a damaged battery.

These packs are frequently not maintained at a typical dealership or body shop. This implies that an insurance company will frequently deduct the full cost of the car rather than just the cost of repairing one interior component if the battery packs are damaged in an accident. This has caused a lot of low-mileage EVs to swiftly make their way to the car graveyards and auctions with even the tiniest battery-related problems, according to Reuters.

When reusing a battery from an EV involved in an accident, mechanics must examine the battery’s diagnostic data to ensure it is safe and functional. Tesla prohibits others from viewing this data. Insurance firms are reluctant to use these recycled battery packs because of concern that the fixed or repurposed units would develop issues in the future.

Insurance firms claim that if automakers could put the batteries in smaller, non-structural modules, it would be simpler to repair or replace damaged units and would also reduce the number of other problems by making battery diagnostic data available to outside parties.

Meanwhile, insurance rates for EV’s will continue to be above average, and it’s likely that perfectly excellent EV’s and batteries will continue to be thrown away.