Couple In Myvi Spotted Romancing On Highway

We’ve all encountered vehicles that lane hog, something that is seriously annoying and quite frankly, downright rude.

It usually ends up being an inconsiderate person meddling with their phones or a senior citizen that’s glued to the steering wheel.

In a recent viral Twitter post, a truck driver had taken photos of a couple in a Perodua Myvi ‘romancing’ and hogging the middle lane of a highway from Alor Gajah to Pedas Linggi.

When we say ‘romancing’ it doesn’t mean anything sexual. The photos show a young lady resting her head on the driver’s lap being cute and romantic with him.

According to the truck driver’s post, the Myvi was going around 70km/h on the middle lane and did not change lanes at all throughout the entire highway stretch. The truck driver also pointed out that there is a “P” sticker on the windshield which means the driver shouldn’t be doing anything stupid.

Netizens have commented saying there is nothing wrong with this and that the bus driver should have left them alone. Some said, “What if she’s sick and resting her head there?”.

Others also commented that the Myvi driver should get his windows tinted to a darker shade if he wanted to indulge in such activities on the road.

One of the netizens expressed their frustration about every small thing being uploaded onto social media just to gain attention.

Although this may seem like nothing, she may be distracting the driver as he might not be paying attention to his surroundings. This can be endangering for the couple and for other vehicles on the road.

Netizens have also pointed out another road safety violation which is the truck driver using his phone to take pictures while driving. This is another dangerous act, especially when operating a huge vehicle. Bet he didn’t think about that before posting the photos.

From our point of view, both sides are at fault and people should be more cautious when operating a vehicle. A small and simple distraction can cause a major accident and that’s not something we want.

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