Waze Can Now Be Installed in Latest Volvos As Part Of Infotainment System

Many motorists today use GPS route guidance systems like Waze and Google Maps to not only find their way around but also have an idea of the traffic conditions (as well as where they might be stopped for ‘interviews’). The two apps are readily available on smartphones and it also possible to mirror them on the infotainment system in many new cars.

But the apps still remain as part of the smartphone and either you refer to it while you drive or you see it on the dashboard display. Generally, it’s good enough but Volvo has gone one step further by making it possible to install Waze as part of the car’s infotainment system. The app has been added to their in-car library and can be downloaded from today.

Waze is available at no charge for installation in all Volvo cars with Google built-in, which means the more recent models. It is available in all markets, except China, South Korea and Vietnam.

Those who are familiar with Waze will find all the same features such as real-time routing, navigation and alerts. It would certainly be a lot easier to use than from a smartphone screen as the display is on the large centre screen and closer to eye level, with touchscreen operation to make selections.

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 “We’re continuing to expand our in-car app offer to bring more options and benefits to our customers, allowing them to personalise their car,” said Erik Severinson, Volvo Cars’ Global Head of New Car Programmes and Operations Strategy. “We’re committed to continuously improving the experience in Volvo cars through our in-house software development and ongoing collaborations with tech companies such as Google and Waze.”

With the Android emulator offered on the Volvo Cars Developer Portal, Waze could develop and test the in-car app virtually, alongside the in-car infotainment system. This dual testing allowed the team to deliver a high-quality user experience before making it available to Volvo owners today.

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