Power-Crazed Farewell For Audi RS3’s 2.5L Five-Cylinder Engine

Before going plug-in hybrid and eventually entirely electric by 2030, Audi plans to deliver a more potent version of its legendary five-cylinder engine.

The head of Audi Sport, Sebastian Grams, has disclosed that the company is still working on a final iteration of the engine and will boost its power for the following stage. The 5-cylinder engine will be upgraded in the upcoming years, according to Grams. He did not give any specifics regarding the enhancements, although he did say that the engine does not need to be changed entirely.

The 2.5-litre, five-cylinder turbo engine is currently only offered in the RS3 in the US. However, in other areas, it is also present in the RS Q3 and the TT RS. It remains to be known how much farther Audi engineers can push the engine, which currently makes 401 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque in the RS3. However, it is evident that Audi is dedicated to giving clients sports sedans that are even more potent and thrilling.

RS6 Avant

In addition to the five-cylinder engine, improvements for the RS6 Avant model are also being planned by Audi. According to Grammes, the company is constantly working to get the most out of its technologies and the RS6 Avant might be made even more powerful and performance-focused. Despite the lack of specifics on these improvements,a more powerful RS6 Avant might emerge in 2024.

Overall, automotive fans around the world will undoubtedly appreciate Audi’s dedication to enhancing its engines and making its sports cars even more thrilling for customers. It appears like Audi is prepared to carry on its tradition of creating high-performance vehicles that are both thrilling to drive and aesthetically stunning with fresh modifications planned for both the five-cylinder engine and the RS6 Avant.

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