Child Gets A Helicopter Ride To School Near Shah Alam

Helicopters rarely land in our backyards, but that was the sight for a nearby neighbour from Shah Alam who captured a helicopter dropping off a child close to a school on camera.

A white helicopter is said to have landed in Shah Alam on April 17 at a vacant parcel of ground beside a primary school.

After seeing the helicopter twice in his neighbourhood, a local homeowner who wished to remain anonymous uploaded a minute-long video of the helicopter landing in a field of a residential neighbourhood. A shared image showed a child leaving the helicopter while the pilot stood close to the chopper.

The youngster was observed entering the school’s grounds after going down the street towards the back entrance of the school while wearing a school uniform.

According to a local news portal, the resident that filmed the incident said “On May 5, I raised the matter with the school via Facebook, not only to report the helicopter issue but also to raise concerns about parents parking their cars along the roads in our neighbourhood.”

The CAAM will look into whether the helicopter’s operator had a proper permit when it landed in the residential area, according to Shah Alam police head Iqbal Ibrahim.

It is not the first time in Malaysia that a helicopter has allegedly landed in a field close to a residential area. When a businessman deployed his helicopter from Kuala Lumpur to Padang Ipoh in Perak to pick up 36 packages of nasi ganja, a similar occurrence had place in July 2021.

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