Honda Malaysia Sold 28,700 Units of the City Hatchback Since 2021

We all know how good and popular Japanese cars are here in Malaysia, especially Honda’s. Ever since the launch of the City Hatchback in 2021, Honda Malaysia has managed to sell 28,700 units of it.

The overall Honda sales for the first quarter (Q1) 2024 reached 21,500 units, a 23% increase in Q1 of 2024, compared to Q1 2023.

Due to the City hatchback’s popularity, Honda Malaysia has introduced the new facelift City Hatchback and has targeted to sell 900 units a month. Due to the high demand, we can see them achieving this.

The pricing for the new City Hatchback starts at RM85,900 for the S variant, RM90,900 for the E variant, RM95,900 for the V variant, RM100,900 for the Petrol RS and RM112,900 for the top of the line e:HEV RS variant.

Powered by the 1.5L e:HEV powertrain, the RS variant delivers 109PS and 253Nm, while the 1.5L DOHC i-VTEC petrol version puts out 121PS and 145Nm of torque.

All variants are equipped with safety features such as six airbags and Walk Away Auto Lock. The Multi-Angle Reverse Camera with Hi-Resolution are fitted in all variants except for S variant. Additionally, the V and RS variants are also equipped with Honda LaneWatch to enhance vision for blind spot. The New City Hatchback RS variants are equipped with smartphone application integration named Honda CONNECT for Safety, Security and Convenience. To provide further value, Honda CONNECT is now available as an optional accessory for S, E and V variants.

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