Public Urged to Exercise Caution When Buying Used Imported Cars

The public is being urged to exercise caution when purchasing used imported cars to avoid falling victim to unscrupulous dealers. This warning comes from Ahmad Aliff A S Ahmad Shariffuddin, founder of SCRUT, who highlighted several common scams in the used car trade, such as odometer fraud, vehicles damaged in accidents, and cars affected by natural disasters like floods.

According to Sinar Harian, Ahmad Aliff pointed out that many dealers do not inform consumers about the true condition of the vehicle, even though it may look perfect externally without any visible flaws. He noted that attractive offers and unreasonably low prices often lure consumers into these deceptive deals. Ahmad Aliff emphasised that for decades, car buyers have been deceived by unscrupulous capitalists in the used vehicle market, and he advised consumers to be more savvy and thoroughly check the vehicle before proceeding with any transactions.

Dealers should provide the vehicle’s chassis number so that its history, including any previous insurance claims, can be checked to verify the quality of the vehicle. This practice would allow potential buyers to obtain a clearer picture of the car’s past, ensuring they make informed decisions. This call for caution comes in light of numerous cases where buyers have been misled about the condition of used imported cars, facing significant issues after purchase.

Ahmad Aliff, along with co-founder Nik Muhammad Izwan Nik Mohd Kamel, started SCRUT to address these concerns and promote transparency in the used car market. By urging consumers to demand detailed information and conduct comprehensive checks, SCRUT aims to protect buyers from fraudulent practices and ensure they get value for their money when purchasing used imported cars.

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