Volkswagen to Unveil Golf GTI Clubsport at GTI Weekend

This weekend marks the start of a highly anticipated event for automotive enthusiasts as Volkswagen prepares to unveil the new Golf GTI Clubsport. Scheduled for the end of this month, this debut will take place in front of thousands of visitors at the ‘Ring Boulevard.’

The enhanced Golf GTI Clubsport is touted as the most powerful Golf with front-wheel drive, featuring a completely redesigned front end and revamped standard LED Plus headlights. Additionally, for the first time, the Volkswagen logo on the front will be illuminated.

The new model also boasts a large rear roof spoiler for maximum downforce and updated LED tail light clusters. The 19-inch Queenstown alloy wheels, reminiscent of the classic Detroit wheel from the fifth-generation Golf GTI, are a notable addition. Alternatively, buyers can opt for the 19-inch Warmenau forged wheels, which weigh only eight kilograms each, reducing unsprung mass and optimising performance.

Inside, the Golf GTI Clubsport is equipped with a newly developed multifunction leather sports steering wheel and an intuitive infotainment system designed to keep the driver focused on the road. The vehicle also features a new voice assistant, IDA, integrated with ChatGPT. Performance-wise, the turbocharged engine’s power and torque are managed by an electronically controlled front differential lock, with the optional DCC adaptive chassis control available for enhanced driving dynamics. The Special driving profile tailors the car’s systems to the Nürburgring Nordschleife’s unique characteristics, ensuring maximum performance on this iconic track.

The Golf GTI Clubsport 24h, used by Max Kruse Racing in the 24-hour race, showcases the potential of the new model. Built on the production GTI platform by Volkswagen Motorsport, the race car is powered by a 348PS 2.0-litre turbocharged engine using bioethanol fuel E20, developed by Shell. This fuel, made with 40% renewable components, significantly reduces CO2 emissions compared to traditional bioethanol fuels.

With a top speed of 270km/h and a weight-to-power ratio of 3.36 kg/PS, the Golf GTI Clubsport 24h delivers outstanding performance. The turbocharged engine generates 450Nm of torque, and the efficient E20 fuel ensures excellent power output. The driver lineup includes experienced racers like Benny Leuchter and Johan Kristoffersson, both with notable achievements at the Nürburgring.

The GTI Weekend will also feature a nostalgic element, with three first-generation classic Golf GTIs participating in the ADAC 24h Classic at the Eifel track. These cars, from the KWL Motorsport team celebrating its 45th anniversary, include a 1981 Golf GTI 16S Oettinger, a 1978 Golf GTI Kamei, and a 1980 Golf GTI with the ’50 years of Golf’ logo, all adding to the excitement and historic significance of the event.

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