PRO-NET and ChargeSini Collaborate to Elevate Convenience for EV Users

Proton New Energy Technology (PRO-NET) has announced a partnership with ChargeSini to expand its EV charging network. This collaboration underscores PRO-NET’s dedication to enhancing the EV infrastructure in Malaysia, aiming to provide a seamless and comprehensive charging ecosystem for its customers.

The agreement with ChargeSini focuses on increasing the accessibility of public EV charging infrastructure nationwide. ChargeSini’s network, which includes a substantial number of DC fast chargers at strategic locations such as hotels, supermarkets, and shopping malls, will be integrated into PRO-NET’s existing network. This integration, accessible via the Hello smart app, will elevate PRO-NET’s public charging points coverage from 70% to over 75% nationwide.

The signing ceremony took place at PRO-NET’s headquarters and was attended by Zhang Qiang, Chief Executive Officer of PRO-NET, and James Goh, founder and Chief Executive Officer of ChargeSini. This partnership is a significant step in PRO-NET’s ongoing efforts to enhance the EV ecosystem in Malaysia. It also builds on existing collaborations with other Charge Point Operators (CPOs) such as Gentari, chargeEV, and jomcharge, reinforcing PRO-NET’s commitment to providing reliable and convenient EV charging solutions.

The integration of ChargeSini’s network into the Hello smart app marks a significant enhancement for EV users in Malaysia. The Hello smart app will now provide access to charging stations across four different CPOs, boasting over 75% coverage of public charging points nationwide. This update, expected in Q3, will allow users to seamlessly search for and locate charging stations, initiate charging sessions, and make payments directly within the app. This user-friendly platform aims to eliminate range anxiety and streamline the charging process, significantly enhancing the overall EV ownership experience.

As PRO-NET prepares for the launch of the highly anticipated smart #3 in Q3 and Proton’s inaugural EV debut in 2025, this integration comes at a pivotal moment. PRO-NET remains committed to driving innovation, sustainability, and customer-centric solutions. The expanded network and strategic partnerships ensure that customers can rely on PRO-NET to meet their EV needs with greater convenience and efficiency.

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